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Rapunzel, Let Your Hair Down!

28 September Posted by Emily

Welcome back to another fun adventure-filled week.  We have a lot to share – our new line of jams, jellies and fruit butters are in.  Take a moment to check them out.  We will have some samples at both locations.  We are also introducing a new line of fun pastas – we have everything from tailgating shapes to cake shapes to your favorite collegiate football team shapes.  They are a lot of fun. Now on to our story of a towering cake with a fairytale princess trapped inside for a very special 3-year old birthday party.  We started off with a vanilla buttercake and mango mousse filling, a great last hint of summer flavor.  We then iced the cake in our delicious vanilla buttercream.  Once that was done, we set off to create Rapunzel’s tower.  Inaaya’s parents asked us to use rice cereal treats for the tower since they were not serving a lot of guests and there would be two desserts to choose from!  The first thing was to carve out the tower shape and Rapunzel’s room.  After a thin layer of vanilla buttercream, the tower was ready for some gray fondant with a stone pattern.  We distressed the fondant slightly with some stone patterns and added some extra stones for texture and color variation.  The room on top was covered in white fondant and finished with dark chocolate “wood” trim and designs.  We then designed Rapunzel gazing out the window, waiting for her prince, with her long blond hair trailing down the side of the tower.  A shingled spike at the top brought the fairytale to life.  Once everything was on the cake, the designed was completed with green grass and pink flowers for Inaaya’s special cake.  The cake stood about 26″ from the table when we were done. Join us next week for another fun tale.  In the mean time, please come out to either location to check out our new line of fantastic jams, jellies and fruit butters.  We also have some fun shaped pasta for you to enjoy.