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Eclairs Galore

7 September Posted by Emily

Welcome back to another week of fun tales and adventures with Cakes by Happy Eatery.  I hope everyone is staying dry today.  The weather took a turn quickly and feels like fall already.  So come join us for a fantastic cake pop and we will have a complimentary cup of hot coffee to go along with it through Friday, September 9 when you mention this blog.  We are also getting ready to bring back some fall treats – apple maple cupcakes, hot spiced cider, pumpkin cookies, and more.  So make sure to check back with us often for those seasonal favorites.

Now for this week’s story, we made a special birthday treat for one of our sales staff’s father.  Brian has been with us for over 4 years now, and today actually happens to be his 21st birthday.  We will talk about his cake next week – you will enjoy it!  Brian’s father has a soft spot for eclairs.  Last year, we made a mountain of eclairs for his birthday, so we needed something different this year.  Brian asked if we could spell out DAD in eclairs.  We did even better – we made huge eclairs out of the letters, and made mini ones to spell out “Happy Birthday”  We filled the three large ones with our yummy Bavarian cream, but they were too large and heavy to dip into our special chocolate ganache.  So we spread out the ganache on top of each letter.  We then drizzled them with some white chocolate for a finishing touch.  Afterwards, we filled and dipped all the mini letters and a large exclamation point.  We were ready to assemble them together on a board.

If you need help to make a “non-traditional” birthday cake, or just want to have fun with pastries, give us a call.  We are more than happy to create something new and unique to for your get togethers.  Until next week, stay warm and dry.