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Paint Ball

Paintball, Anyone??

28 December Posted by Emily

Whew, how quickly December has passed us by.  All of us got our exercise in rolling mountains of cookie dough, pressing out tart shells, baking pies, and making all sorts of other goodies.  There was lots of singing Christmas carols and other songs in the kitchens while we worked, which we hope made anyone listening laugh at our fantastic singing skills!

This week I thought we would share a fun cake we made a few weeks ago for Caleb.  He was going to have a paintball party, so his mother ordered a cake with the paintball theme.  We baked, filled and iced the cake, then brought out the the complete arsenal!  The bought some Gobstoppers, they were the perfect size for the cake design.  We started to sort them by color, and we had to eat some to balance out the colors!  Once we found all the colors, we grabbed our matching airbrush colors.  We sprayed different paint splotches all over the cake and put the candy “paintballs” in the center of some.  We had fun, and our hands looked like we dipped them in a rainbow of colors.  Once we finished, we decided that writing on the cake would not match the theme, so we added “Caleb” in an airbrush graffiti.  We hope everyone at the party, and especially the birthday boy enjoyed the cake.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and can’t wait to share some more fun creations with you.  I am headed out on vacation, but I will be on the lookout for some fantastic treats and ideas to share with all of you.  Until the next blog, visit either store and try our Chili Chocolate Cupcake – the perfect thing to warm you up in this chilly weather!