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Happy 21st

Rum-Lootin’ Pirate on the Loose!

20 September Posted by Emily

Welcome back to another week.  We were busy creating all sorts of custom cakes.  We thought you would enjoy hearing about Brian’s 21st birthday cake.  Brian has worked with us for about 4 years now, and after seeing some of the spectacular cakes go out our doors, he decided it was his turn.

Brian decided he was going to become a fan of Sailor Jerry’s Island Rum when he turned 21, so he asked us to recreate the bottle for his birthday.  One of his favorite flavors is German Chocolate cake.  So we took our chocolate sponge cake, brushed it generously with some Island Rum, filled it with some chocolate buttercream and our delicious coconut praline mixture, then rolled it up tight like a jelly roll.  We had to let it set for a few hours so that it could hold the shape.  Once the cake was ready, we started to carve it into the bottle shape complete with the neck.  We put a thin layer of chocolate buttercream over the entire bottle and started to roll out fondant.  Once we got the cake covered in fondant, we sprayed it the light bronze color of whiskey, added the Sailor Jerry label and cap.  But we thought it needed something more.  We first came up with the ever-present red plastic cup most college students use.  But it still needed something else – an ID of course!  So we had a little fun in creating his brand new ID for turning 21.  He became “Brain” Kallapos, from his high school days, can reach items from the top shelf for us, and the photo was from another cake we made for him a few years ago.  If you can’t tell, Brian really loves the pirate theme.

Join us for some more fun tales next week.  We have quite a few cakes to tell you about.  These past two weeks we have made Rapunzel’s tower, wine bottles, tiny red flowers galore, fall leaves, the list goes on.  We also had a fabulous display at the Bridal Showcase on Sunday.