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The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates family and friends on the brightest moon of the year and is one of the major Chinese holidays. The date changes annually, based on the lunar calendar. For 2017, it is October 4th. During the weeks leading to the holiday, moon cakes are eaten.

Moon Cakes are an Asian sweet bean and/or nut filled pastry. To serve, slice the moon cakes into wedges and enjoy with hot tea.  Some moon cakes have a salted yolk to symbolize the moon.


$12 – Prosperity Fish with Candied Pineapples –

Fish symbolizes abundance and pineapple represents hospitality


$30/box of any 4 selections (or $8 each)

Lotus Seed, Red Beans, Green Tea, Taro, Lemon Ginger, and Wintermelon


$34/ box of any 4 selections (or $9 each)

Mixed Nuts, Lotus Seed with Yolk, and Red Beans with Yolk


Moon Cake







*Photos are samples only. Every cake is customized based on client's requests and/or occasion.